25 years Welfare Flowers - Germany / Federal Republic of Germany 1974 - 70 Pfennig

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The charity brand with the task of helping wherever public aid is lacking or not sufficient owes its emergence to the emergency after World War II. At that time, the number of applications to the post office for issuing special postage stamps with surcharges for charitable purposes rose to the limitless. To fulfill the many wishes was not only impossible, but it would have been impossible to find a just order in the realization of the supportive concerns. It was therefore advisable to take up the request of the charities, because the task area of ​​these associations included already then - as well as today - all conceivable calamities in all population circles. The need of the time and the desire to help needy citizens set great store by the success of the first series, which began on December 14, 1949. From the modest - almost disappointing - Zuschlagseriös the first series (about half a million DM), steadily rising revenues, which exceeded the 10 million DM limit for the first time in the 1966 series. A total of nearly 1.3 million worth of welfare stamps sold to date have attracted nearly DM 136 million in additional proceeds to the Federal Association of Free Welfare Care, which has brought together six charitable organizations: Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Diakonisches Werk, Deutscher Caritasverband, Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Central Welfare Office of the Jews in Germany. For the welfare stamps 1974, which stand under the motto "25 years welfare stamps", floral motives have been chosen. Clove, thimble, mallow and bellflower for the issue with the inscription »Deutsche Bundespost«. An Advent star can be found on the Christmas tag.


Chronological Issue Number710
Michel IDBRD 821
Chronological ChapterGER-BRD
Year Released1974